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Ready to change your rowing world?  Swift Coastal Boats NZ sell coastal rowing and racing boats that give you way more than an average rowing experience.


Swift Coastal Boats are designed and built to handle rough water conditions safely - while Swift Racing Boats are cleaning up the competition.


We want you to have fun while being involved in a new way of rowing.  Keep reading to find your ideal boat - whether you row as an individual, in pairs or as a quad/eights.

Coastal Rowing

Coast rowing adds a whole new dimension to the sport with many coastal rowers cherishing the exhilarating aspect of rowing in extreme conditions.  It is a growing sport in all corners of the world.

It is certainly one of the fastest growing communities of rowers as the boat design means flat water is not needed to row.  Coastal rowing boats are used on coastal shores, inland on some lakes and rivers where the water tends not to be flat, as well as for rowing touring.

How coastal rowing is making waves in the rowing community

"coastal boats are suitable for racing as well as getting out into the surf and having fun!"


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