With our durable construction and competitive pricing, lengths and blades, Swift’s scull oars are an ideal choice for all club, school, university and master rowers.


The Club Performance Oar Shafts are 70% carbon, have about 10% more flex than racing scull oars from leading manufacturers.  They are only 70g heavier than standard oars.  The difference in weight is negligible, but the increased flexibility will benefit everyone.  Each oar is adjustable in length and has a choice of handles: small, medium or large grip.

Blades: Carbon, PVC foam core, white gel coat finish
Weight: 1.48±0.03kg (maximum variation within 1pair is 20g)
Stiffness: 48±2mm (maximum variation within 1pair is 2mm)


Oar covers are also available.


Length adjustment

Simply loosening 2 screws allows for quick and easy length adjustment,of up to 6cm. All handles have overall length engraved, so avoiding the need to measure length each time they are adjusted.


Handles and grips

We offer 3 grip sizes, on 2 sizes of handle.

Handle size Small Medium Medium
Color code Red Orange Purple
Grip diameter 32mm 35mm 37mm
The external diameter of the handle is cut by CNC machine to fit perfectly inside the shaft, where it is securely held.


Blades & Edges

The oars are available with the A2 blade.

  A2 blade  
Edge Vortex or Plain  
Size (L x W) 46x21.5  
Area cm2 785  

Blade length is along the axis of the shaft, width is maximum width.

Club Performance Oars

SKU: O001
  • Swift International Limited warrants its oars to be free from defects in material and workmanship for two years from the time of purchase. No other warranty or guarantee of any kind or nature, expressed or implied, is made.

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